Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can you eat a peach with its skin on?

I'm planning a stunt for a class tomorrow in my project, and I need to do it quick. So is it possible to eat a peach just randomly with its fuzz on it?

Can you eat a peach with its skin on?
yes. i do it all the time
Reply:Sure! A peach fresh off the tree is delicious!
Reply:Yep. Wash first before eating.

Have a great day! : D
Reply:ofcourse it is how else do you eat it? dont tell me you peal it everytime before you eat it!
Reply:WASH it very good first, THEn go 4 it .
Reply:You're kidding- right? When was the last year you ate a piece of fruit? Was it after the turn of the Century??! The ONLY people I know who want their peaches pealed- are pre-schoolers! Be a "man" %26amp; go for it. You might actually LIKE it!!! :0
Reply:Yes you can I think its good. Just wash it off
Reply:Yes, just make sure that it has been thoroughly rinsed to get rid of any pesticides.
Reply:Thats the best part.
Reply:wash it real clean first.
Reply:yeah this the first peach you have ever eaten?
Reply:Surly you can... just wash it throughly.
Reply:yes, most definitely
Reply:Sure- but wash it first..and don't swallow the huge pit inside .
Reply:if you can stand the tickle, it's perfectly safe!
Reply:Why not? They're edible and easy to eat.
Reply:Sure , if you can stand it. It gives me the chill's. I blanch them 1st to remove the fuzz.
Reply:no..if you will grow peach fuzz on the roof of ur mouth a peach fuzz monsters will breed on ur tongue and dance.

yes you can eat the skin.
Reply:Yeah !!! a duh!! What's wrong with eating a peach with a skin on??? Yes of course !!! You just have to wash it!!! I sometimes do if it is necessary , like if you have just picked some peaches and want to see if you like it sure you can just wash it!! But most of the times i like to eat it without the skin but the bad thing is just the skin is some times been on the ground and it looks so disgusting that you don't even feel like eating it up. (you might feel as if you want to puke)LOL!!!

Hope this helps!!

P.S I guess you've never eaten a peach with skin on it so this must be a pice o good advise. by the way try it it might be nice!!!
Reply:You can. I've seen people do it before. Not sure how good it is, though, I haven't done it myself!
Reply:Yes you may, but you really should wash it to remove any tree fruit bug spray that may be on it. Also you never no who has handled the peach, so just for your own sake I would wash it. Why not wash a few that way it won't matter which peach you grab. However, If you grew the peach in you own back yard then there is no worry at all...

Reply:I don't think peaches are in season, but yes you can eat them with there skin on them
Reply:is there any other way?!
Reply:I only eat peaches that are whole with their fuzzy skin on them.
Reply:yes u can
Reply:some people will not like it, but yes, i eat it with the fuzz on :)

just make sure it's ripe!
Reply:You need to practice eating some peach fuzz before the class starts.
Reply:Not only is it possible but it is advisable,that is where a good part of the benefits lie keep the peach in the great condition you get them a lot of stuff has been sprayed on them to protect from pests,so you need to wash well before eating .
Reply:wash first. then eat...

i do that all the time. =)


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