Monday, August 3, 2009

What Color goes best with Peach?

I am painting my bathroom and it currently has this hideous peach tile. Need suggestions.

What Color goes best with Peach?
Try creating a color pallette here.
Reply:Khaki is a great color with just about anything. Try that and a simple faux finish...that should give you the modern look you are trying to achieve.
Reply:really knock your eyes out with fire-weed red...

y'know you can remove the tile and replace it with something you like, yes it is work and expense, but this is your space we're talking about, and you don't like it...change it to what you do like.

grow your wings kid, and fly.
Reply:Yikes not that 70's peach... tough one

maybe an off white or beige might blend it with it

or compliment it?

Try holding some paint chips beside the tiles or if you have an extra tile bring it with you to the store.

The tone of peach and undertones will make a big difference in the shade you choose.
Reply:I would say a cream/off white would look nice but if you really hate the "hideous peach tile" i saw this paint (i forgot the name of it) on HGTV that allows you to paint basically any color over your current tiles and it covers evenly. The show only used the paint on some border tiles though so it may not work as well on the floor if is high-traffic.
Reply:try a little neutral beige or whites.
Reply:A deep Turquoise goes great with peach!Try a sampler before actually matching the colors out.Take a few days to decide if these are the colors that you want.
Reply:My house was built in the 50's and has pink tile. It has a gray border. Sounds ugly; well the bathtub matchs. So did the toilet and sink, but we replaced them... I hide the tub with a pretty shower curtain.

To accent the tiles, I have black and white stripes on the wallpaper with a cute border; it ties the colors in real well.

A tropical theme would work, but if you want classy; go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a bunch of color chips. Try all colors, but stay away from blah colors....tans, whites, cremes will be dull. You need a color to make it the guy said a red would be great. Don't worry, it's not the end of the world. I wouldn't recomment painting the tile. It may not last and then were would you be.....

Get some chips and go to town. Do you have a digital camera? Take and pic and email to me and I will help you!

Good Luck

Reply:Peaches and creme! duh lol
Reply:White or pastel green should look great
Reply:Add a tile mural over the tile-- just mount it on backer board and frame in a stone tile frame- then mount over the existing tile- maybe a tropical beach scene with corals ,greens and turqs -- to tie colors together.

Any image on tile
Reply:Red. BRIGHT red.

Dont listen to people who said creme because peach and creme make for a very bland room. The colors are all dull. You need a color that pops.

Teal goes with peach too. If you have hardwood flooring, these colors would be perfect.

Or even with creme or off-white carpet, use a color that stands out. blog

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